The following achievements can be unlocked during the course of the game, although not all can be unlocked on a single playthrough.

Achievements Edit

Field hand (10 points) Edit

10 grain plants collected
(Shortly after meeting Jan, at the Novices' farm, there is a small grain field, gather all 10 plants from the field.)

Philanthropist (10 points) Edit

"Rescue Sara from the wilderness" completed
(After finding the sword that Jan tells you to look for, return to him and tell him about Sara.)

Samaritan (20 points) Edit

"Medicine for everyone" completed

Peacekeeper (30 points) Edit

"Peace and order" completed

Fence (30 points) Edit

"A package for the Don" completed

Ladies' man (10 points) Edit

"Woman beater" completed

Sidelined (20 points) Edit

"Power struggle" completed

The merciful one (10 points) Edit

"The farmer's sick wife" completed

Wise man (20 points) Edit

"The test of Master Ignatius" completed

Family man (20 points) Edit

"The sons of Tilda" completed

Archaeologist (20 points) Edit

"The mystery of the eastern temple" completed

Little hero (20 points) Edit

"Where is Patty?" completed

Rune master (20 points) Edit

"The fourth seal of rune magic" completed

Ghost hunter (20 points) Edit

"Find all the vassal rings" completed
(See The cursed lords )

Beginner (10 points) Edit

First monster killed

The brave little tailor (10 points) Edit

Seven grave moths killed
(These can be any moths, including Talon moths, found in various locations. There are several around the first ruins and the Don's camp.)

Ferocious wild boars (10 points) Edit

20 wild boars killed
(Found in various locations around the world.)

Terror of the hens (10 points) Edit

20 chickens killed
(Found in various locations.)

Beast slayer (30 points) Edit

500 monsters killed

Big game hunter (50 points) Edit

2000 monsters killed

Ogre friend (10 points) Edit

Rescued the ogre, Drok

Hard worker (50 points) Edit

250 quests completed

Expert (20 points) Edit

100% achieved in an attribute
(Reach a value of 200 for either Strength, Dexterity or Wisdom. Wisdom should be the easiest to achieve, when reading all Bookstands and Stone plates.)

Workaholic (20 points) Edit

Every profession learned
(Requires you to learn every crafting skill. Prospect ore, Gut animals, Alchemy 1, 2 and 3, and Smithing 1, 2 and 3.)

Mage (20 points) Edit

All crystals learned

Gladiator (20 points) Edit

Every close combat talent learned
(Learn level 10 Sword, Axe and staff fighting.)

Sharpshooter (20 points) Edit

Every ranged combat talent learned
(Learn level 10 Archery and Crossbow.)

Master of the classes (30 points) Edit

100 % achieved in three attributes
(Boost Strength, Dexterity and Wisdom to 200.)

Fervent swimmer (10 points) Edit

Caught by the tideworm 10 times
(Going out into deep water will cause the tideworm to swallow you, he does not kill, you just end up getting washed back onto the shore.)

The fourth triplet (10 points) Edit

10 treasures found
(Find 10 Digging spots.)

Idiot (10 points) Edit

Fell to death 3 times
(Can be done at the start of the game, by jumping off the cliff behind the abandoned house. Save the game then walk off the edge and reload last save point. Repeat until you have the achievement.)

Jester (10 points) Edit

25 Jest spells used

Safecracker (10 points) Edit

100 locks picked
(Open all locked chests and doors with the skill Open locks.)

Weaponsmith (10 points) Edit

100 weapons forged
(Forge 100 weapons with Smithing.)

Master thief (10 points) Edit

50 pockets picked
(Pickpocket 50 people with the skill Pickpocket.)

Well-to-do (10 points) Edit

1,000 gold coins obtained

Moneybags (30 points) Edit

100,000 gold coins obtained

King Midas (50 points) Edit

300,000 gold coins obtained

Adventurer (10 points) Edit

Found way out of the first ruin
(Shortly after the abandoned house there is a small ruin ("South-west ruin" according to the teleport stones), enter the tomb and fall through the trap door in the middle of the first room, and use the lever to exit.)

Map reader (10 points) Edit

Found first map in the game
(On the upper floor of Jan's house, there is a chest with a simplified map sketch of the island.)

Archer (10 points) Edit

Found first bow
(Sold by many merchants, First one you can find on climbable moutain next to Jan.)

King of the handymen (20 points) Edit

20 tool bags collected in inventory
(Complete the quest Everything that isn't nailed down.)

Secret achievements Edit

Master detective (20 points) Edit

Find Hemlar's murderer completed

Death of a Legend (20 points) Edit

"The Legend of the Gyrger" completed

Defender (20 points) Edit

"Secure the volcano keep" completed

Freedom fighter (20 points) Edit

"Esteban's return to Harbour Town"
(Part of the main quest, if you are sided with the bandits.)

Pandora's box (20 points) Edit

"The Titan trap" completed
(Part of the main quest in chapter 3.)

The Traveler (20 points) Edit

"Find all the teleport stones" completed
(Find all 14 teleport stones.)

Showdown (50 points) Edit

"The Inquisitor is dead!" completed

Titan Lord (50 points) Edit

"Defeat the Titan!" completed