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Harbour Town

Home of all pirates of the Southern Seas.

Antigua is the pirate haven of the Southern Seas and a base of attack against the Inquisition and vulnerable trade ships. What one might call a "wretched hive of scum and villainy".

Deep Silver describes it as follows:

Antigua is firmly in the pirate hands. On this picturesque island in the Southern Seas, the pirates have built up a main supply harbour that they use as a base for attacking the Inquisition and unsuspecting trade ships and raiding them for booty. So it’s no wonder that the trade office is the largest building in Antigua.
In Antigua, the ‘Admiral’, one of the last pirate captains, controls all the supplies for the ships. He resides in the ‘Captains’ House’, where he watches over the Pirates’ Council and the book containing the Pirate’s Creed, which always lies open.
But the effects of the ‘Titan storm’ can even be felt in Antigua. Fewer and fewer ships are dropping anchor in its harbour, and the Admiral has his own plans for tackling the looming threat.


  • Large Waterfall
  • Harbour Town
  • Fishermen's Hut
  • Grotto
  • Mac's Tower
  • Spring




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