Banditcamp map

Map of the Bandit Camp

The Bandit Camp or the Swamp Camp is situated in the North-West part of the risen island - a little west of the Volcano Keep. This is where Don Esteban along with his band of followers, took refuge after the Inquisition overran the island. The camp is situated in the middle of a marshland littered with an assortment of wildlife that came to life along with the rising of the temples (ruins) and surrounded by a mountains.

The Don himself has taken recluse in one such temple ruin and presides over a ever-increasing stockpile of gold (and artefacts) that his little "army" helps gather from all around. People don't see much of the Don and the day-to-day operations of the camp is overseen by his wife Rachel. At the opening of the game, things are in a big disarray at the camp with most of the workers absconding. Though Rachel is supposed to be in charge, it is Brogar who actually runs the camp and commands people in absence of the Don. He takes full advantage of this fact and extorts other members as every possible opportunity - starting from work allotment to "protection" money.

There are a whole bunch of trainers in this camp, who can help you being your fighting (both melee & ranged) and hunting skills up to a decent level before you have managed to gain admittance to the Harbour Town. One can also pick up on smithy, basic alchemy and thieving here.

Characters Edit

Name Quest NPC Trainer Merchant Quest / Skill / Item
Cormac x Skill(s):

Craig x Skill(s):

Domingo x Skill(s):

Don Esteban x
Fincher x Skill(s):

Karakos x Skill(s):

Luis x Skill(s):

Oscar x Skill(s):

Phil x Skill(s):

Rhobart x Skill(s):

Ricardo x Skill(s):

  • Crossbow
Sam x Skill(s):


Loot Edit

Chest in Brogar's house is not locked, and it has the following items 45 gold, 2 Arrows, 1 Healing potion, 1 Light spell scroll, and 1 Candlestick.

Seaman's chest in the middle house is not looked, and it has 65 gold, Ring of marksmanship, and 1 Tell Joke scroll.

Monsters Edit