Brogar is the leader of the fighters and acting leader of the Bandit Camp since Don Esteban locked himself inside the ruins to try and come up with a plan to retake the island.


During daytime, Brogar is mostly sitting on the bench in front of his house in the Bandit Camp. Obviously, he will always be sleeping in his bed during night time. Brogar is also the "boss" of the fighters who "protect" the workers.

Related Quests[]

Quest-related tips[]

  • You need to complete the Quest Brogar's Lackey first to complete the other quests.
  • You can easily skip Brogar's quest for his swordpiece, just pickpocket him and take it.
  • You can also defeat him in the Arena and loot him.
  • Kill him after if you like to complete the quest Take care of Brogar for good.
  • He is also the primary antagonist in the quest Power struggle. Brogar wants to take over from the Don. You should help Rachel against Brogar to complete a part of the quest Gold Fever.
  • He offers you the quest Protection money in the bandit camp. You can actually select not to give him the money you have collected.
  • After the quest Gold Fever you can kick him out of his hut and take over it for your reward of helping Rachel.
  • If you kill him after you knock him out or tell Don that Brogar wanted to take over his power, he would be killed. If you did not do one of those, you will meet him later in the game, on the way when you go to retrieve one piece of the Titan Armour. If you kill him, you will get 250 gold coins and a Strong Healing Potion, and also the list that you took from Dorgan's body if you gave it to him.