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Description taken directly from Risen 2 official site.[1]

Captain Gregorius Emanuel Steelbeard is an old-school pirate: a man of honour with no manners. With his crew he used to plunder the shores of the Lost Realms back in the old days, which is how he made a name for himself among the pirates.

The gruff and extremely confident old buccaneer is a pragmatist and one of the last true pirate captains of the Southern Seas. Whether he’s capturing Inquisition ships to get his hands on their gold or starting a fight over a cask of rum or a beautiful woman, for Steelbeard, the end justifies the means, and the Creed is his law.

During one of his raids, he meets the nameless hero, although he isn’t terribly impressed with him at first. But Steelbeard treats every man equally, be he a sailor or a stranger, so the old pirate gives the nameless hero a chance to prove himself.

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