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Type minsky during gameplay and press [Enter] to enable the test mode console. Then, press [~] or [F1] to display the console window.

If just looking for cheats, visit Cheatbook. Articles in this category are for people who want to modify the game during gameplay, not just cheating.

These commands are the same as used by Piranha Bytes when testing the game. 43 commands allow to change values of numerous parameters, quickly move to another location, turn on god mode, teach skills, change camera mod, or add items to inventory. And several more things...

The Set command changes the value of each parameter, but you have to know the name of the parameters. The Edit command displays an attribute list for a specific in-game character. The code of the playable character is 'PC_Hero'. If the character name is short, it will probably be identical to the code — the code for Craig is 'Craig', the code for Ogre is 'Ogre'. But the code for 'Tallon Moth' isn't 'Tallon Moth'. Also note due to the German origin of the game, several names were changed for the English version, further complicating things.

Note that the console is case sensitive. If you type 'edit ogre' instead of 'edit Ogre', the command will not work.

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