To start digging, you must obtain a Shovel, these can be found in various locations around Faranga.

Digging spots are usually sandy coloured areas on the ground.


These treasure chests are not part of Patty's quest trying to find her father's hidden riches, since those chests are explicitly marked on the quest map, so not much of a challenge to find.

Tip: Apparently these ancient square-based pillars can be markers for the location of treasure chests, so look out for them.

Don's camp[]

  • In the Don's camp east of the huts, just east of the camp fire where you will normally find Phil, a bit south of an ancient stone pillar.
  • South of the Don's camp, on the swamp island (the one with the "Disgusting insects") that worker Branon will work on, look between the two simple chests there.
  • Directly south of the previous spot, in front of a stone pillar.


  • In the south-western corner of the monastery's cemetery you will find Hemlar's chest.
  • South of the Monastery, at Tilda's farm (Plains teleport stone), behind the barn (west side). Tilda hints at the location if you help her find her sons.

Harbour Town[]

  • On the right side of the town's guard house, where Commandant Carlos resides, between the rock face and eastern outer wall.

Northern-most High Priest Temple [Chapter 4][]

  • When you see the golden bust from this area, either jump over the trap door and take it now, or just go through the trap door. If you go to the area where the nearest lizard warrior is, there is a digging spot.


  • On the way to the West Coast, just before the Skeleton's Ruins - there is a gold ore (not the one guarded by insects), nearby is a nameless' pirate grave.
  • Verified: In front of the grave marked Nameless Scoundrel. However this is for Patty's quest.


  • Digging on the Xbox 360: Look down at the digging spot and press 'A'.