Quest Edit

Ricardo wants you to kill the disgusting insects near the camp because they freak him out, and to fell safe while guarding the camp.

Location Edit

Ricardo is at the end of the bridge leading into the camp, at the first campfire. The disgusting insects are south of him on the little island in the middle of the swamp at the excavation site.

Reward Edit

  • 250 Experience for quest completion
  • 60 Experience per disgusting insect, 4 in total for 240 Experience
  • 30 gold from Ricardo
  • 50 Experience when you speak with Ricardo afterwards

Notes Edit

If you are having trouble with the disgusting insects you can pull them into the camp, so that the fighters and hunters get rid of them, but you have to have a killing blow on them to get experience for them.

Apprently there seems to be a glitch, where only 3 insects comes, and the last one can't be found anywhere. This can be solved via console command: spawn Dragonfly_Don_01