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The Castaway looks out on the Southern Seas from a port on Faranga.
Location Details
Type Island
Faction The Don and His Followers,
The Order of the Holy Flame,
The Inquisition
Level any (location dependent)
Location Southern Seas
Inhabitants Inquisition, bandits, humans,
Settlements Harbour Town, Bandit Camp,
Volcano Keep
Geographic Orientation

Faranga is a volcanic island, located at 21°19' North and 157°50' West. Although the climate is tropical, sub-climates and vegetation zones offer some variety. It is east of the Southern Seas archipelago, in the general vicinity of Gaurus, and is inhabited by different factions of humans.

A detailed map of Faranga (a.k.a., the Risen Island).



After the opening scene to Risen, the Castaway washes ashore on one of the island's western beaches. Shortly after his arrival, he heads inland with the only other survivor of the shipwreck. He leaves her at the first abandoned house they find and continues to try to find help. During his journeys, he learns that ancient temple ruins have risen from the ground all across the island, providing access to a network of interconnected underground areas such as catacombs and dungeons.

Not long after the titans were released from their imprisonment, the Inquisition (possibly under orders of the King) arrived at Harbour Town, forcing the Don and his men into the swamp. The Inquisition forbids anyone from leaving "their city" or the island.


Although Faranga is tropical overall, terrain varies from one area to another. Following are the terrain types or sub-climates found on the island.


As an island, there is no shortage of coastal area. Vultures can often be found on the beaches and paths to and from the coasts.


The Don and his followers settled in the swamp when they were ejected from Harbour Town.


Between existing mines and caves and the newly sprung-up ruins, there is a large, explorable subterranean area.


The location where the Fire Titan Lord is found.