Location Edit

You get this quest from Ursegor after the Inquisitor has locked himself inside The Golden Gate with the Titan.

Quest Edit

Find the pieces of the Titan armour. There are a total of five pieces scattered around the island. Each one protected by their own enemies.

The Titan HammerEdit

See The Titan Hammer (Quest)

West Coast Edit

One of the pieces is on the West Coast. Hidden inside a cave behind a waterfall. You will have to go through the cave. You will find a blue barrier at the end, use your scroll on it so you can go through. Inside you will find a wide network of caves, explore these and you will eventually be able to open a gate using two bust. Inside here you will find the Shield of Ursegors armour.

The Titan Armour Edit

See The Titan Armour (Quest)

Northern Volcano Edit

The last two pieces are inside this volcano in two separate temples.