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The Firebird is a commonly seen, very agile bird Risen 2: Dark Waters.

The build of this raptor-like creature reveals an agile predator more than capable of posing a serious threat despite its lack of arms.

Deep Silver describes them as follows:

Mysterious screams and dangerous rustlings encompass the jungles of the new world. The natives have already recognized that these screams can only come from one being – the Firebird!
To the natives, the creatures have been feared for generations and have been attributed with magical powers.
To outsiders, the Firebirds are strangers and a new danger, especially since the expansion in the Southern Sea. It is very rare for an explorer to survive a confrontation with a Firebird unharmed.
The few who claim to be survivors report of man-sized creatures with herd-like behaviours, surrounding their victims. They will not attack immediately but rather wait and pick off the weakest target first. With their lightning-fast reflexes, they differ their attacks very slightly, making battles with Firebirds extremely difficult and hard to flee from.
Firebirds attack everything smaller than themselves, including human beings. For this reason don’t explore the jungles of Arborea alone! [1]

Location Edit

Usually seen in less dense jungle areas.

Hunting Edit

  • 100 Glory

Skinning Edit

References Edit

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