Location Edit

Talk to Craig, who is in the center of the bandit camp.

Quest Edit

If you want to complete this quest, you will have to fight a number of times in the arena, which is to the west of the camp.

If you tell Rachel about the bets she will tell you to put a stop to it.

Reward Edit

  • Lorenzo 20 gold bet - 40 gold winnings
  • Ricardo 10 gold bet - 20 gold winnings
  • Craig 50 gold bet - 100 gold winnings
  • Domingo 100 gold bet - 200 gold winnings
  • Brogar 200 gold bet - 400 gold winnings
  • 100 Experience

Notes Edit

If you have beaten Lorenzo in the quest: To the temple ruins with Lorenzo he will not accept your challenge.

You have to be defiant when talking to Brogar, otherwise you wont be able to bet against him during your fight with him.