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Gargoyles are an "age-old race of sky people" and creatures "of ancient power", appearing as winged, flightless beasts in Risen 2: Dark Waters.[1] They exhibit great physical prowess in combat, wielding large axes and sustaining large amounts of damage before falling. They breed by laying eggs, distributed at various locations away from humanoid settlements to ensure the eggs are undisturbed until they hatch.


At one time, the power of the gargoyles rivaled that of the lizard men on Faranga. They possessed a "boundless" empire "beyond the reach of men". With the advent of the Age of Destruction, the creatures retreated to stone vaults on the tops of the tallest mountains. Many years passed without further site of gargoyles. Ancient texts suggest that the gargoyles were once civilized, but over time their form changed and their civilization collapsed.

Eldric the Druid noted that the Water Titan Lord, Mara, had such great power that "not even the armies of the winds [were] able to free themselves from her tentacles."[1] Thus, in spite of being air-dwelling creatures whose natural alignment would be with air titans, Mara manipulated them to assist in distracting the Hero from her and her efforts to gain control over all humans.


Gargoyles lay eggs, similar to other reptilian creatures. Generally, these eggs are ferociously guarded by two or three gargoyle adults who never appear to move more than about 30 meters [100 feet] from a nest while waiting for the eggs to hatch.


Can be found on all main islands of the Southern Seas in obscure areas, as part of the DLC quest to wipe out the Gargoyle population, given to the player by Eldric.


  • 100 Glory


  • 1x Axe


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