Gnomes are small creatures native to the Faraga Islands. Ever since human beings first set foot on the Faranga Islands many years ago, the native gnomes have been notorious 'troublemakers'. They are known to steal and pickpocket possessions from humans.


  • Gnome - appears mostly in caves and some plains in Faranga island.
  • Chieftan - a much stronger gnome, appearing in caves and plains. They accompany the regular gnomes.


Don't be fooled by their small sizes. These pesky creatures can become of an annoyance. They normally come in groups of three or four, sometimes accompanied by a chieftan. From a distance, they'll throw projectiles at you, such as clubs, knives and beer bottles. They can dodge your attacks quite often and can perform one quick jump attack. You'll need a shield to block most of their attacks, including their projectiles that are thrown at you. You'll especially need to be aware of the chieftan. While it's attacks are the same for a regular gnome, it has more health and does more damage.

Have ranged and melee attacks. They are always in groups and can overwhelm you.
Very vulnerable to counter attacks. Block their attacks then attack when they stop.


  • Will have Gold coin on their corpse, and various other usually worthless things like food or weak weapons like Hunting knifes and Sickles.
  • Some drop tool bags which are used for a certain quest in Harbor Town.