Quest Edit

In order to get an audience with the Don, you'll have to bring something forward, something shiny golden. The five pieces forged together will definitely catch the Don's eye.

The five pieces Edit

  • Piece one: Luis: Persuade him by giving him two beers, pickpocket it or attack and defeat him.
  • Piece two: Craig: Buy from him for 100 gold, or challege and defeat him in the arena then loot of his body.
  • Piece three: Brogar: Defeat Brogar in the arena and loot his body or Pickpocket.
  • Piece four: Dorgan: Loot his corpse in the cave to the south of the swamp.
  • Piece five: Chest: Loot the chests on the center excavation site near Branon.

Location Edit

The fragments are scattered throughout the swamp

Reward Edit

  • 400 Experience

Notes Edit