Ignatius is a Master of the Order.

He gives you permission to leave the Monastery.

He is the head of the Order and at all parts of the game, immortal.

He gives many quests such as: Securing the Keep, 1st-4th runic seal, Test of Master Ignatius, and Gate to the Keep.


  • Seal training, after starting chapter 3.
  • Fireball up to Lvl 10, after the Initiation.
  • Frost Lance up to Lvl 10, after bringing dead Pallas' notes to him.


  • Volcano Keep: He stands just in front of the Hall of the Holy Flame, or he sits in the beach right next to the commandant.

Related Quests[]

  • Starts these quests: Test of Master Ignatius, Crystal of Fire, 1st Runic seal, 2nd Runic seal, 3rd Runic seal, 4th Runic seal, Securing the Keep, Bring the mages to the hall.
  • Is part of these quests: Gate to the Keep, Tests of the Masters, Ask will the mages support the Inquisitor.