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This page lists all the insects and insect-like creatures you can encounter in Risen.


Moths are aggresive creatures found throughout Faranga, of two general varieties.

Grave mothsEdit

Grave moths are fairly weak, but their tendency to travel in groups makes them more than mere annoyances. They tend to favor the dark, and are usually found in caves or dungeons, although they occasionally live near small bodies of water. There are also two variants of the grave moth, one considerably weaker than the others.

Name Alternate
Level Loot Health Experience
Grave Moth
Grave moth2 3 60 30
3 60 60
Grave moth Fluttering
grave moth
6 180 60

Talon mothsEdit

Talon moths are the strongest moths and should not be underestimated, especially when they are travelling in groups. Talon moths are most commonly found at water or at open spaces in the woods. They can be seen as the "daytime-counterpart" of the grave moths.

Name Alternate
Level Carries Health Experience
Talon Moth
Talon moth 9 270 90


Rotworms are large worms that roam the swamps and prey upon careless travelers. While these worms may be tough they do not hunt in groups and can often be found alone or in a small group of 2-4 worms at most. You may also encounter the tideworm when trying to swim too close to the deep sea, this worm that will try to eat you has the appearance of a giant rotworm and it is rumored that they belong to the same species. Note that while stats for the tideworm are avaible it cannot be fought in game and that it is more of an event than an actual creature.

Name Alternate
Level Carries Health Experience
Rotworm Dangerous Worm1 10 300 100
Tideworm3 5
  • Nothing
0 50

War cricketsEdit

War crickets resemble giant crickets and are fearsome foes indeed. They are often found in caves and other dungeons and possess the ability to block your attacks. Which makes them the only opponents capable of blocking attacks without a weapon.

Name Alternate
Level Carries Health Experience
War cricket
War Cricket 14 420 140


The giant scorpions of Risen are one of the most dangerous foes in the game. Luckily, they are very rarely found in the open. Keep in mind though that these behemoths will not drop anything unless you have learned Gut animals.

Name Alternate
Level Carries Health Experience
Scorpion 20 600 200
1Quest version only.
2Weaker variant encountered at game start.
3An event, rather than an actual creature.