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Isle of the Dead

The Isle of the Dead is a location visited in Risen 2 and referenced in Risen 3. According to Tao, the Guardian of the isle, it once "was a haven for many lost souls".[1] From the Risen 2 description:

Sacred Isle of the natives. The entrance to another world is said to be found here.

A gate is found near the western coast, leading to the rest of the island. A sacred temple lies at the end of a gorge beyond. It is there, at the temple's Altar of Transition, where one passes from the world of the living into the Underworld, accompanied by Tao if they are "worthy".

The temple area is comprised of several buildings. The majority of these are elaborate tombs with pottery, locked chests, other valuables, and lit sconces found throughout. The entire area is jealously guarded by the undead, mindless Shadows including Warriors, Ghouls, and a few Guardians.



Risen 2[]

In order to speak with the ghost of Captain Steelbeard to learn the location of the final titan artifact, the Nameless Hero traveled here. The initial goal was to create the Skull Sceptre, which would then facilitate contact with Captain Steelbeard. After passing beyond the gate, the Hero soon encounters the undead, whose greatest power was found closer to the temple. With the recent destructions in the Southern Seas (of ships among other things), Mara disturbed "the peace of the dead", something for which Tao cursed her name.[2]

Risen 3[]

By the time of the third game, the Isle of the Dead is apparently no longer the safe haven for the souls of the dead that it once had been. When the Son of Steelbeard tries entering a crystal portal to travel to the Underworld, Tao tells him in a dreamlike state that in his currently divided form (spirit separated from the body) the Son of Steelbeard would be unable to pass to the Underworld without tremendous damage to his physical body. Tao suggests he find a different way to enter the Underworld to retrieve his spirit.

Normally, Tao is likely to have suggested using the Isle of the Dead in the same way the Nameless One did previously. However, according to Tao, the island had become "an empty, dead land",[2] most likely because of the disruptions and spreading of Shadows caused by Nekroloth.


  • Altar of Transition
  • Arena
  • Gate to the rest of the island
  • Thief's Temple

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