This article appeared in Risen 2: Dark Waters      


Description taken directly from Risen 2 official site.[1]

Small, quick and always searching for booty. Equipped with a seemingly limitless number of bags and sacks, Jaffar is going to leave his home, the “Isle of Thieves”. He braves the dangers of the upcoming adventure with a sword and many small items which he can use as throwing weapons, even if they weren’t originally intended as such.

Jaffar is still pretty young for a gnome. He has just reached the age at which he must undertake his “great journey”, assigned to him by his shaman. The goal of his trip is to grab a unique item of special spiritual value. This effort is greater than his fear of enemies and the upcoming danger.

Throughout his journey, he comes in contact with the race of humans, which is not always easy for him. In particular, many human behavioural quirks don’t quite make sense to him, and this gets him into trouble more often than not. Nevertheless, he tries his best to understand the ideology of humans. It helps that he is able to speak the human language at least a little bit. Indeed, he builds simple sentences and frequently describes what he means, and occasionally lapses into the language of his own people.

Jaffar meets the Nameless Hero on his mission and supports him in his adventures. Of course, during this upcoming adventure he hopes to find his unique item of special spiritual value; his “Auri Culci”.


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