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The Kraken is a giant octopus-like sea monster that appears in Risen 2: Dark Waters. The creature seems to be under control of Mara, the Titan Lord, who uses the creature to terrorize Inquisition by sinking their ships and otherwise hampering their exodus from the Old Empire.

According to Commandant Carlos, the Kraken is not a Water Titan, however.

Role Edit

After the Nameless Hero reaches the Water Temple, his ship is attacked by the Kraken. After the fight, it is revealed that the Kraken is not merely a minion of Mara - it is an alternative (and, possibly, the true) form of the shape-shifting Titan Lord.

Location Edit

Towards the very end of the game, the Nameless Hero will have to fight the Kraken just before reaching the secret Water Temple.

Hunting Edit

  • — Glory (cannot actually be hunted)

Skinning Edit

  • cannot be skinned