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The Ogre. You first meet them in the swamp near the weed farm. They will most likely kill you in one hit, along with any NPC you lure them to. Best to leave them be.

Ogres are a type of humanoid enemies that the player will meet on Faranga.


They are tall and muscular with small, stubby legs and long, powerful arms. They wield huge clubs that appear to be made out of a large bone. They all have brown-pinkish skin and a black streak of hair on their heads. All ogres speak in calm and deep voices and seem very polite. Their culture seems to revolve around honor and they perceive humans as insane, causing violence the sake of causing violence.


In combat ogres have 2 attack:

  1. They swing their clubs with huge force, dealing massive damage even to high level players.
  2. They smash their club in the ground causing an area of effect attack that damages all those around them and cannot be blocked.


Ogres are extremely tough both defensively and offensively. In some areas, you can simply find a ledge and snipe the ogre safely with a bow or crossbow. It's smart to bring a large amount of arrows or bolts (50+) for this as the ogre will take a lot of shots.

Another strategy would be to summon a skeleton or have an extremely strong helper NPC tank the ogre while you slowly peck away with hits. Just be careful when the ogre turns towards your player and also be aware of that the ogre will do an area of effect attack. This strategy works even better if you have a berserker spell to do extra damage.