This article appeared in Risen 2: Dark Waters      

These Potions can be collected, brewed, consumed or sold in Risen 2: Dark Waters.

To brew potions you will need the Voodoo Skill Brew Potion, plus a Schematic for that potion, plus the required ingredients, and a Voodoo Cauldron.

Temporary Potions[]

These potions increase the skill values for only a relatively short time, usually for 10–30 seconds. Their value varies from 20 to 50 gold. Since you will quite likely be investing in Talents spending Glory points and learning Skills from trainers, it is usually better to sell off these potions.

Spirit Essence[]

R2 Po Spirit Essence.png   This essence helps you to feel the power of voodoo.  
  • Effect Duration 10 sec
  • Talent Ritual
    • Black Magic +40
  • Value in Gold 25

Potion of Blades[]

R2 Po Potion of Blades.png   This potion sharpens the senses and reactions.  
  • Effect Duration 30 sec
  • Talent Ritual
    • Throwing Weapons +40
    • Piercing Weapons +40
    • Slashing Weapons +40
  • Value in Gold 30

Marksman's Potion[]

R2 Po Marksman's Potion.png   This potion helps you to concentrate on your target and nothing else.  
  • Effect Duration 30 sec
  • Talent Ritual
    • Muskets +40
    • Pistols +40
    • Shotguns +40
  • Value in Gold 30

Potion of Awe[]

R2 Po Potion of Awe.png   Nobody knows exactly what this potion does, but you can use it to intimidate your opponent more easily.  
  • Effect Duration 30 sec
  • Talent Ritual
    • Intimidate +40
  • Value in Gold 20

Ritual Potion[]

R2 Po Ritual Potion.png   This potion strengthens the effect of other voodoo potions.  
  • Effect Duration 30 sec
  • Talent Ritual
    • Ritual +40
  • Value in Gold 25

Potion of Persuasion[]

R2 Po Potion of Persuasion.png   There are few people that you won't be able to ensnare.  
  • Effect Duration 30 sec
  • Talent Ritual
    • Silver Tongue +40
  • Value in Gold 20

Thief's Potion[]

R2 Po Thief's Potion.png   You've got nifty fingers and you can now pick even the most complicated of locks.  
  • Effect Duration 30 sec
  • Talent Ritual
    • Thievery +40
  • Value in Gold 50

Permanent Potions[]

These potions permanently increase the Nameless Hero's skill values, have to be brewed from a Schematic, very rarely (once?!) a merchant will sell such a potion. Immediate consumption is recommended.

Swordthorn Essence[]

R2 Po Swordthorn Essence.png   Manufactured from the sap of a swordthorn, this potion will permanently increase your strength.  
  • Throwing Weapons +2
  • Piercing Weapons +2
  • Slashing Weapons +2
  • Value in Gold 100

Fool's Juice[]

R2 Po Fool's Juice.png   A brew made from different kinds of herbs and a jester's cap. It makes you more responsive and clever.  
  • Dirty Tricks +2
  • Thievery +2
  • Silver Tongue +2
  • Cannot be sold!

Sharpeye Paste[]

R2 Po Sharpeye Paste.png   When painted onto the eyelids, it gives you the eyesight of an eagle.  
  • Muskets +2
  • Pistols +2
  • Shotguns +2
  • Value in Gold 100

Leather Oil[]

R2 Po Leather Oil.png   Obtained from hero's crown.* Your skin will be as firm as leather.  
  • Bladeproof +2
  • Bulletproof +2
  • Intimidate +2
  • Value in Gold 100
*Actually cant be made from hero's crown, because there is no schematic for this potion in game.

Graveroot Extract[]

R2 Po Graveroot Extract.png   Has a slight intoxicating effect and improves your sense of voodoo.  
  • Black Magic +2
  • Death Cult +2
  • Ritual +2
  • Value in Gold 100

Quest Items[]

These potions are received during quests and cannot be sold.

Blood of the Ancestors[]

R2 Po Blood of the Ancestors.png   They say that the one who has the Blood of the Ancestors inside can stride through the wall of fire.  
  • Quest Item
  • Cannot be sold!

Potion of False Death[]

R2 Po Potion of False Death.png   With this potion I can enter the Underworld at the altar of the sacred temple.  
  • Quest Item
  • Cannot be sold!


  • In-game an entry called It_Po_Speed, the Potion of Speed exists, with this description: With this potion you can cover long distances in a short period of time. It cannot be collected or found in the game, and you cannot cheat give yourself the item either. Was cut from the game apparently.
  • The Temporary Potions seem to have a bug in their information, every one shows "Talent Ritual" in the stats. -- It's not a bug. Most items have a talent connected to them, which determines their effeciency. For Potions it's Ritual.