With this skill, you can move silently.

You can sneak up silently on your opponents.

Learning Sneak will cost 5 Learning points and 100 gold - maximum skill Level 1

This skill is very useful for entering areas undetected where you are not supposed to be, and for sneaking up from behind or on sleeping humans and animals.

NOTE: This is essential skill. It comes very handy when you go to peoples houses at night and steal their stuff. It's not necessary to get this skill, because there is a ring that will give you this skill.

If you are seen while sneaking, people will question why you are sneaking and watch you closely.

Trainers Edit

  • Cid (Harbour City) - Available after What is Rodriguez Planning? is completed
  • Cole (Harbour City)
  • Dalman (Volcano Keep)
  • Henrik (on the East coast)
  • Jervis (Volcano Keep) - Available after Mutual Aid is completed
  • Luis (Bandit Camp) - Available after A Bottle of Beer for the Drunkard is completed
  • Phil (Bandit Camp)
  • Sam (Bandit Camp)

Misc Edit

Can be temporary learned by wearing the Ring of stealth.