Strength is one of the basis character statistics, it increases the amount of damage you do in melee combat and determines which melee weapons and crossbows the player character may wield.

Strength can be increased by different means, you can pay trainers to train your strength until you reach the score of 100 points. Before and after the score of 100, you can increase the strength of the Nameless hero by:

  • You can also drink a Strength potion to increase your strength by 5 points.
  • By eating apples or eggs with a max of 5 strength points.
  • Eating Ogreroots to incease your strength by 1. This is not adviced, as it is one of the rare ingredients needed to make potions of strength.

By completing certain quests, you can increase your strength as well.

Trainers Edit

  • Cutter (Harbour City) - before finishing the Evidence for Marcelo / Bring the packages back to Weasel quests
  • Carlos (Harbour City) - Chapter 4, Order only
  • Craig (Bandit Camp)
  • Domingo (Bandit Camp) - Available after The Best Fighter in the Bandit Camp is completed
  • Edgar (Harbour City)
  • Felipe (Harbour City)
  • Fincher (Bandit Camp) - Available after An Audience with Don Esteban is completed
  • Inquisitor Mendoza (Volcano Keep) - Chapter 2
  • Karakos (Bandit Camp) - Available after An Audience with Don Esteban is completed
  • Oscar (Bandit Camp) - Available after Golden Fragments for Oscar is completed
  • Rufus (Volcano Keep)
  • Tucker (Volcano Keep)
  • Ukkos (Harbour City)
  • Walter (Harbour City) - Available after Walter Needs a Break is completed

Misc Edit

Skill level can be temporally raised by 3 by wearing Nico's ring.