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Sword Coast

Puerto Isabella

Map of The Sword Coast (with names)

Map of Sword Coast

Pirates' Tower

Pirates' Tower

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Shaganumbi Village

Shaganumbi Village

The Inquisition's first base in Arborea. Large parts of the area are overgrown by thick jungle.

Description taken directly from Risen 2 official site.[1]

On the south coast of Arborea lies the hardly explored Sword Coast.
The Shaganumbi tribe has been settled in the jungle not far from the beaches for generations. The great temple ruins that adorn the area are remnants of the culture and the ancestors of the clan and were built on the sources of the natives' magic. The Shaganumbi experienced the Inquisition and founded the military base off the Sword Coast, "Puerto Isabella", while their expanding further into the South Sea.
From this base, the Inquisition tried to monitor the fabled temples. Observations and expeditions of the temple lead to long awaited findings and draw conclusions about the appearance of the Titans.
Because of the natives, Arboreas, the temples are sacred places, the presence of the Inquisition leads to tension with the native people. But the Inquisition is not the only invader in this patch of earth; it seems like something else is stirring it's safety.

Locations Edit

  • Port
  • Graveyard
  • Inquisition's Tower
  • Jade Cave
  • Pirates' Tower
  • Puerto Isabella
  • Shaganumbi Village
  • Temple of the Ancestors
  • Earth Temple

References Edit

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