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Quest Edit

Quest giver: Sara / Quest Ending: Sara

Sara wants you to take her somewhere safe, leave the beach and follow the path uphill that takes you to the abandoned house. Once you reach the house Sara will stop following you.

This quest is a follow up of Find survivors of the shipwreck and it will unlock the quest Investigate the abandoned house.

Location Edit

Quest begins at the beach where the game starts, follow the only path out of the beach to reach the abandoned house where the quest will end.

Reward Edit

  • 50 Experience

Notes Edit

In this quest you will encounter you first enemies. Hungry wolves, hungry sea vultures, hungry stingrats and possibly gnomes. The "hungry" version of animals are the weakest. Easy to kill as it is just the start of the game. Remember to sidestep to evade their attacks and attack them while they are not facing you.

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