The Teach console command allows you to manipulate your characters skills (i.e. read cheat). To use the teach command type

teach [The name of the skill] [The desired level]

The names of the skillsEdit

Skill Code Maximum Level
Current Health * HP MAXHP **
Current Mana * MP MAXMP **
Level LV N/A
Experience XP N/A
Learning Points LP N/A
Health MAXHP N/A
Strength STR 200
Dexterity DEX 200
Wisdom INT 200
Sword Fighting CombatSword 10
Axe Fighting CombatAxe 10
Staff Fighting CombatStaff 10
Archery CombatBow 10
Crossbow CombatCrossBow 10
Magic Seal MagicCircle 4
Magic Fireball MagicFireball 10
Magic Frost MagicFrost 10
Magic Bullet MagicMissile 10
Smithing Smith 3
Prospecting Mining 1
Lockpicking Lockpick 3
Pickpocketing Pickpocket 3
Sneaking Sneak 1
Acrobatics Acrobat 1
Alchemy Alchemy 3
Scroll Writing Scribe 1
Animal Gutting Trophy 1

Annotations Edit

* Note that this is your current level of health / mana not your maximum level.

** Your maximum current health / mana is the same as your maximum health / mana.

If you wish to change multiple levels it may be easier to use the property editor. See edit.