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I am Ursegor. Lord of the Titans.
— Upon meeting the Castaway

Ursegor is a Titan Lord and the King of Saurians. In his own words, he is "master of the land and the elements."[1] The player first encounters him in Chapter 3 of Risen as an immortal spirit.


Alliance With the GodsEdit

Not many details are known about his alliance with the gods to bring down the Titans. He explained to the Castaway that it was done for his own freedom.


Ursegor is found by a small group from the Inquisition led by Inquisitor Mendoza with the Castaway. He explains that during his time imprisoning the Titans he was also imprisoned along with the Fire Titan inside the Volcano on the Island. He asks the player to free him from his burden by defeating three servants which keep him locked up on the Golden Throne.

Risen 2 Edit

In the second game, Ursegor is only mentioned by name. Commandant Carlos tells the Nameless Hero that Ursegor and Ismael were pitched in battle on the northern continent, destroying everything around them. Beyond this, the victor of their fighting is never revealed.

Risen 3 Edit


Ursegor appears to the Son of Steelbeard in a dream.

Ursegor appears to the Son of Steelbeard in Risen 3, in a dream. In comparison with his appearance to the Nameless Hero of the first game, the Titan Lord appears to be wearing heavier armor, possibly intended for war. The hero blames Ursegor for at least a portion of the destruction among the world of humans, to which Ursegor replies that "sacrifices were necessary", and that Steelbeard's Son did not have "much left, except [his] courage".[1]

It remains unclear whether he was victorious in his fight against Ismael. Knowing for certain the outcome of Ursegor's fight with Ismael is impossible, since Ursegor was already a spirit in Risen so his state does not appear to have changed. Although other beings seen in the hero's dreams are the spirits of those who have died, Ursegor's previous existence as a spirit leaves this line of reasoning inconclusive.

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